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Important Note

FoundersTeam is owned and operated by an LDI Life Independent Founder. All questions on this site should therefore be directed to FoundersTeam Admin.


Leaders Are Saying

FoundersTeam is a downline builders dream come true. Recruiting experts know the Lead-in Program is a great way to help people get in a more expensive program and opens up the gateway to Real Financial Freedom in LDI Life.

Isabelle T. - France

Ready To Put Your Business Into OVERDRIVE?

Given a $10 one time start up cost, can you do your part - invite just two - get funded to create a qualified paid membership into LDI Life.

We believe EVERYONE can do this! Without a doubt, this is the FASTEST paying compensation plan ever! Let's make BIG things happen!



The 2x2 FOUNDERS Board!

We have a simple Quick-Fill '2x2' Board that you join (under your Sponsor). A 2x2 Board is simply an organizational structure with TWO positions on Level 1 and FOUR on your second.

Once you join the 2x2 under your sponsor and complete your payment, the System will automatically create a Business Center for you and now you have the opportunity to use it as a business-building System that will grow your FoundersTeam.

With an unfilled 2x2 matrix board to work with, your task, together with your Sponsor and upline team and anyone you refer, is to INVITE others who are looking to make great money by helping another generation of members discover great products they can use everyday. When they purchase the System they will help fill the spots on the board and thereby help their upline members complete the 2x2 even as they help those below them do the same.

It is most definitely a System that works well with Team effort.

With Just One Time Out-of-Pocket Cost of $10 Bucks!

What Happens After Completing The 2x2 Matrix Board?

When all SIX positions below you are filled - your 1st TWO on Level 1 and FOUR on Level 2, your FoundersTeam position will generate $40.00 commission payout.

At this point FoundersTeam Kicks-in so you'll get funded to create a qualified paid membership in the first available spot under your sponsor. In other words, we are going to create a Distributor Membership in LDI Life where you will be qualified to received discounted prices, participate in the Referral Plan (See Compensation LDI Life Video), Complete Training & Certification plus a one month supply of Multimineral with Neustem.

Do I Need To Continue Referring Others to the FoundersTeam Team-Build Program System?

Our system TeamBuilder System does not have re-entries. Therefore, the more referrals you introduce to the FoundersTeam, the more you will continue to push others out of the 2x2 board right into your JDI Life organization as ALL new referrals will be placed from left to right on the next open spot in your matrix.

Here is a why Yes, absolutetly...

Oce you have activated your JDI Life account and all other members you introduced to Founders Team do the same with you as the sponsor you will earn a $12 Referral Bonus from JDI Life.

Our major goal is to help each of our Team Members to get create a MEMBERSHIP in JDI Life as soon as possible and be fully qualified to earn commissions for that time. With just a bit of effort from everyone doing their part we can LEVERAGE the power of big numbers and help everyone to achieve that goal in the shortest time possible.

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